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Do you struggle with trusting others or with feelings of not being "enough"? Have you experienced trauma or difficult relationships? Sometimes your brain is your worst enemy. You question your worthiness and loveablity. You yearn for success and deep connection. There is pain from your past that has led you to build up walls to protect yourself from being hurt again. But here you are, done feeling stuck. You want to feel confident and successful. You want meaningful connections. I utilize EMDR and IFS to help people heal core wounds. Together we break the cycle of anxiety and disconnection. There will be compassion and some laughs along the way. You will find your hope and start to find your relationships changed for the better. Give yourself this gift.

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Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.
— Rumi


Therapy for adults looking to heal from trauma including past events and relationships. Experienced in supporting individuals struggling with substance use.

EMDR and IFS therapy offered. 

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